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Don't guess how things work. Know the facts about your apartments.

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We can tell you exactly where apartments are in highest demand and which cities, areas and streets are rising in popularity. Learn more

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With live data on millions of listings, we can support you in optimizing your business as much as possible. Learn more

Get Market Data

Curious about the facts of your market? Discover all there is to know about rental apartments. Learn more

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Get bookings without paying any fees! And show off your listings the way you want to. Learn more

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Often enough, with technology we can produce surprisingly elegant solutions to your problems.

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Market Data

Know exactly how the demand and supply behaves in your city. Day to day. Never miss any seasonal, or event-based changes. We show a chart of how many actual bookings are made for every day.

What pricing works for similar apartments? We analyze who get's bookings and for which prices, and tell you what is possible for your listings.

How can you charge higher rates? We show you which improvements to your listing allow you to increase your revenue.

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